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In order to let everyone knows what functions DR.MCQ keeps upgrading with, we launch this page to indicate.


Functions Released

  • Released IOS version. Now can download from App Store for your iphone or ipad.

Issues Fixed

  • Minus Change.


Functions Released

  • Migrated DR.MCQ to

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed Googlebot fetch issues. Now Google can search DR.MCQ.

Functions Working

  1. Adding "Screen Name" for user.
  2. Adding Users Community Channel for discussion.

Personal Statement

  • I will be on leave as family matter these few days.


Functions Released

  1. Support "My DR.MCQ" Panel in Chinese.
  2. Removed no used functions and redundency.
  3. Support some pages for Chinese.

Issues Fixed

  1. Fixed image diplay problem in "My History".
  2. Fixed Reset Password email no content problem.


Functions Released

  • Launched this "Progress" page.

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed "Confirm Email" Security Bug.